Senator Ralph Yarborough on Padre Island’s Importance | The White Island (1963)National parks can only be created through acts of Congress. Meaning that, in order to establish a new national park, proponents much first find an advocate in either the US House of Representatives or US Senate to introduce the necessary bill and campaign for its passage. For many of … Read More

TPWD Planning Team

Planning Parks for People (1970s)Turning a piece of land into a park requires careful evaluation. What are the recreational needs? Natural resources? Environmental consequences? Produced by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, this 1970s government film segment profiles the team responsible for creating a master plan for development, operation, and maintenance. Following multiple environmental and geological studies, the planning team … Read More

Civilian Conservation Corps

Civilian Conservation Corps | Parks Under the Lone Star (1933)Established by the Emergency Conservation Work Act of 1933, the Civilian Conservation Corps was a New Deal public work relief program that hired unmarried, young men to work in land conservation and park development under the supervision of the National Park Service and United States Army. More than 50,000 of its … Read More