Game Warden

Texas Game Warden (c. 1972)The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department develops regulations protecting the state’s natural and wildlife resources, and game wardens from the agency’s Law Enforcement Division criminally enforce those regulations. As formally recognized peace officers, game wardens also conduct investigations and respond to natural disasters. Produced by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, this 1972 government film opens … Read More

Park Ranger

Fisheries and Wildlife Division | Continuing the Heritage (1991)Fish and wildlife management is the oldest function of what is now the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The Texas Legislature created the Fish and Oyster Commission in 1895, adding the Game Department eight years later. As this 1991 government film segment explains, dedicated park rangers from the Fisheries and Wildlife Division … Read More

Wildlife Biologist

Texas Bat Colonies | World of Wonder (1995)Texas state parks are home to thousands of plant and animal species, including approximately 800 species of fish, 400 species of butterflies, 600 species of birds, and 4,600 species of native plants. Wildlife biologists with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are responsible for studying the state’s abundant biodiversity and natural habitats, assisting … Read More